About Us!

Becky and I were not seeking to own a restaurant. We were just a couple working our jobs and having a good time. I am a Network Administrator and she is in the shipping industry running an office in Olathe. We have two English Bulldogs, Annie and Ruby.

I originally grew up in the state of Maine. My hobby is collecting pinball machines. I have 25 of them! Of course, I haven't had much time to work on them or play them since we bought the drive-in, in January, but they are waiting for me! I also have two daughters that work as carhops at the restaurant from time to time. With the start of us doing a cruise night, the bug has bitten me and I am seeking to buy a T-Bucket!

Becky has three boys. Two of them work as cooks at the restaurant for us. Becky spent a large portion of her childhood in Linn County. She later returned and raised her three sons there also. She likes going to the drive-in, because it brings back a lot of good memories for her. Becky likes to sell Avon on the side and has quite a customer base. If you have a desire to use her as your Avon rep, I'm sure she can drop your orders to you when we come down each week.

We came into owning the drive-in, almost out of the blue! Her son came to us with a request for help buying the drive-in. Matt, along with some friends,  were trying to buy it. However, they could not come up with the money after the loss of one of their partners. We looked into the business but were quite concerned because we knew nothing of running a restaurant. The numbers all looked good and we had the promise that the family members would take it to heart and run the drive-in, so we jumped in! We live in Olathe and knew we needed someone at the drive-in to run it for us. Well, as time went on, the desire by the family members to run the drive-in waned, and now Becky and I juggle working our jobs, and running the drive-in. We have owned it since January 1st, 2008 and have made many changes. As we get better at running the drive-in, we are finding more ways to improve Cookee's, and we are finding more friends in the business to help us move forward. Please don't hesitate to stop by. We are usually there on the weekends working alongside our employees. We feel if this drive-in is going to succeed, we need to get our hands dirty along with our employees. You can contact us from the front web page, or click HERE. We love getting comments from our customers. It is the only way we can know what we are doing right, and wrong.

Doug and Becky

Becky and I In Chicago
Becky and I in Chicago
Annie And Ruby Our Bulldogs
Ruby, (the mom on the left), and
Annie (the daughter), lounging
in the back yard.