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Cookees Drive-In  will concentrate its holiday donations this year, to the often forgotten elderly, at Christmas.
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Please review the information below to see if you can possibly supply some of these items for the elderly.

Please Donate To Help The Elderly At Christmas!


CPAP Cookees Drive-In Helping The Elderly At Christmas

There are three things you need to know about the social dynamic in nursing homes before you select a gift for a loved one who lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility:

The major complaint of most residents is BOREDOM.
There is often a fierce competition between elderly women around the holidays!
The day after Christmas around most nursing homes is a lot like “show and tell.”

Gifts to Fight Boredom

To relieve boredom, patients love books, movies, music, crafts, and visitors. The problem is that most residents find it difficult to read and operate technologically advanced devices. While you might think a portable DVD player with movies is the best gift ever, it might end up sitting on a shelf unused.

If you are lucky enough to have a loved one in a facility with a lot of caregivers and volunteers, an electronic device is possible. It’s important to discuss this with caregivers before you invest in the purchase. Be blunt, and ask what the odds are of someone being around to help your loved one operate the device.

Craft gifts are a good idea, but you really have to be careful about the types of crafts. Avoid anything with long directions in small print. Crafts allow the elderly to pass the time, but even more important, interact socially with others as they show off their accomplishments.

A great craft idea is a large scrapbook kit, to allow them a spot for family photos, and a glue stick. It’s something creative that Grandma will enjoy without straining her eyes or hurting her hands.

Men generally prefer more practical gifts like fur-lined walking slippers, a new robe, or large print books if they are still able to read. They also like sweets to munch on from time to time.

Show and Tell – The Day after Christmas

For all of the residents who are able to leave their rooms and move throughout the nursing home, the day after Christmas is “show off day,” where the residents show each other the cool gifts they got for Christmas.

Keeping this in mind, choose gifts that can be worn or shown off throughout the nursing home or assisted living facility. For women, this means colorful, fuzzy or silk scarves or beautifully embellished sweatshirts with lots of color and shine. Residents appreciate a comfy pillow for their wheelchair or a warm blanket also, as these get worn out after time. A “show and tell gift” gives them something new to talk about with their friends, caregivers, and volunteers. It’s a way of making the special occasion of Christmas last longer for them.

Giving  residents bright, new nail polish color on Christmas is an excellent and inexpensive gift that she will enjoy. Manicures, pedicures, and styling or coloring hair are excellent “spa” type gift certificates to give that Grandma will really love! Grandpa will also enjoy certificates to get his hair cut, or a nice shave!

It is more difficult to find gifts for male residents. Many like new hats – either baseball caps of their favorite team, hunting caps if they were once outdoorsy, or spiffy driving caps. Tennis shoes or nice looking, comfortable casual shoes are always a big hit. Unlike most women, men will usually be honest when you ask them what they would like or need. Women usually say they don’t need anything, but men will sometimes tell you they’d like a new sweat suit or pair of pajamas.

If your recipient is mentally challenged or has advanced Alzheimer’s, concentrate on a gift that provides textural stimulation or comfort. A large, incredibly soft teddy bear or a brightly colored squishy pillow filled with polystyrene foam beads that you can’t stop squeezing make excellent gifts. They will enjoy these types of gifts, and the gifts will also increase interaction with other residents and caregivers who will make a fuss over the cute teddy bear or want to give the soft pillow a squeeze.

Don’t just bring flowers on Christmas. To nursing home patients and assisted living residents, Christmas gifts mean a great deal. If you don’t have a lot to spend, it’s alright, because homemade gifts are special. Sentimental gifts are always touching, but silly and light-hearted gifts go a long way to brighten the day. Your gift should be something to make them feel special, loved, and remembered.

Some more ideas can be seen below:

  • picture frames
  • Have your local school children make up cards and crafts. Homemade items are very special
  • Sharpie
  • soap
  • shower gel
  • non-slip socks
  • bath mitt
  • fleece blanket
  • Kleenex
  • shampoo
  • totes
  • crossword puzzle books
  • pen (blue ink)

Lap Blankets, razors, deodorant, Bibles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, lotion, mouth wash, nail clippers, shave cream 

Suggestions given thus far, on our Facebook page:

held electronic games

Flower pot start kits

Window herb-gardens

crossword puzzles

sodoku books?

Pet supplies ie. litter, food, toys

Tea, soup, coupon to shovel snow or yard work

stationary with stamps they still love writing and receiving mail

Ensure or boost because this is costly

gift cards to assist in expense of medications

fresh flowers

coupon for a free ice cream cone

Food Vouchers to grocery store

Gas cards for appts

 Word Search books

 Vouchers for subscription to the local Newspaper

Gospel Music
Puzzles, coloring books, fingernail polish
Jewelry, perfume
Mobile, music
Crosswords, Sewing items
Farming collectibles - John Deere (perhaps a past farmer?)
Scarfs, Harley Davidson items such as hates and gloves
Country music, Cologne
Westerns, Stuff animals, cologne
Pictures, jewelry, neck roll
Word searches, Jewelry, Purses, Stuffed Animals
Sweat Pants, Cologne, Hankeys, Belts, Suspenders (Large)
Sweat Pants (Medium)
Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirt (Large)
Snacks, Comedy Movies, Undershirts (XXL), Cigars
Fuzzy Sox with Grippers
Brutt Cologne, Chapstick
KU-Related Items
Puzzles, Crafts, Flowers
House Slippers
Chocolate items!
Unscented Lotions
KU-Related Items
Scented Lotions
Birds, Flowers
Westerns, Veterans
Jewelry Making Kits
Books (Inspirational stories), Knick-Knacks, Jewelry
KU-Related Items
K-State Related Items

Diabetic Snacks
Nice smelling lotions, soaps
Medium sized women's clothes
Warm gloves and hats
Lotions, jewelry
Lotions, Soaps, crossword puzzles, lap blanket
(Very thin woman asked for sweat pants, sweatshirts, slippers, socks)
Men's clothes - XL, any furniture, bed
Women's clothes - XL, Socks
Lotions, perfumes
Men's hats
Men's gloves
Perfumes, lotions, soaps
Perfume, Lotions, Soaps
Men's hats, snacks
Women's diabetic tight socks, Small sweatpants, small sweatshirts
Woman with no running water - Tracfone for emergency calls, canned food, jugs of water