Cookee's Drive-In Customer Comments We've Received

This is where we post some of the comments we receive either in person, or via E-mail.
Steve Ellis - Labette Bank You guys have really done great things with that drive-in. I have heard nothing but great comments!
Kid riding by on bike screams THE PAINT JOB LOOKS AWESOME!
Stephanie S. The place looks awesome now! It is better now than it has ever been!
Allie I drove around the corner after the new paint job and the place just POPPED out at me! Nice!
Raquel B. We want you to cater our dinner theater. We ran a restaurant ourselves and we know good food when we taste it.
Unknown customer The food here has gotten SO much better since you bought it. I would say as good as when it was Streeters!
Unknown customer The slushes here are so good! I would say the one I had last night was even better than Sonic's!
John M. (When served his double bacon cheeseburger) Now THAT'S a burger!
T.J. I like this...the fact that you have this Cruise Night and allow anyone, even us kids, to bring our cars to show.
Cruise Night Car Owner We visit Pleasanton every month (grew up here). We have to come to Cookees every time to get our fix!
John It is great that you are doing this Cruise Night. The town needs something to do to bring the families together.
Fred I have come to this drive-in for 30yrs. You have done more than ANYONE has ever done with it. It's Great!
Customer I came around the corner and the new colors of the drive-in just grabbed my attention. Great job!
Paul M. Wow, your building looks awesome! It makes mine look terrible!
Mary I am so addicted to your orange cream slushies now!
Customer Your float in the parade was fantastic! I'm glad you won 1st place!
Customer I had your burger at Cruise Night. After the first, I HAD to come down with friends. Your burgers are awesome!
Customer I live in Olathe, an hour away, and I now find myself driving down here to eat this food!
Steve E. You have done so much for this community in such a short time. We are glad you bought this drive-in!
Paul I think I can safely say that Cookees is THE most popular restaurant in town!
April I would say that Cookees is the most popular topic to bring up while waiting in line at the bank.
Kansas City Customer I absolutely cannot find a burger place anywhere else, that tastes like your burgers! So I drive down here!
Olathe Customer My dad brought me down, and now I have driven down with several of my friends! The burgers are amazing!
Andrea Love this place!
Brought my husband from 3 hours away so he could try it before he deployed to Iraq! He's addicted :)
Sister Adamson Cookees Drive-in. With burgers and a 50s Juke Box to boot! We are eating what is called a Frito Pie wrap. Originally introduced to me by Bubba, it's chili, cheese and Frito chips in a tortilla. No, it's not Wolf Chili, but still super good!
Customer Calling Cookees I ordered your smoked turkey deli sandwich and I had to call back and say it was the best damn sandwich I have ever had! I am going to bring my brother over to try them!
Customer waving to carhop Can I get another order of those pickle chips? I have never had anything like that, and it was awesome! MORE PLEASE!
Older Couple Sitting Inside Me: Do you two live in Pleasanton? Couple: No, we live in Overland Park, 60mi away! Me: How did you find Cookees? Couple: We stumbled upon it one day taking a drive, now we come down once a month since we can't find a burger like this anywhere up North!
Worker at another restaurant
in another town.
Oh, EVERYONE talks about Cookees and how they do so much for the community!
Woman waving us over to her car. I just wanted to say that Subway has nothing on Cookees! I have lost weight while eating  your grilled chicken wraps! Thank you for adding them to your menu!
Customer who used to come in when it was Streeters I have to say, this is the best burger within a 50 mile radius! You have kept the Streeter burger alive!
Breakfast customer These biscuits and gravy are DELICIOUS!
Breakfast customer The amount I paid for this heaping pile of food, would have been more than double anywhere else! I'm full!
Several customers We are so thankful you and your wife bought this drive-in. You do so much for this community!
Kansas City Customer I found this place last week and you make better breakfast burritos than anyone in the city!
Mound City Resident Your Grilled Chicken Wrap is &*^$%# AWESOME! Biscuits and Gravy - DAMN GOOD!
Local Merchant to Customer Customer, "Nothing good in this town!" Merchant, "Cookees has awesome biscuits and gravy!"
California transplant to KS My husband was surprised you two were from the city because Cookees is all Linn County...the good parts anyway. Fantastic food, great drinks, fantastic Ice cream, and great atmosphere.