Welcome to Cookee's Drive-In's History Page. Here, we will take you on a journey from the very first images of the drive-in we saw, through the transformation of the drive-in, and through our adventures with the community of Pleasanton, KS. Please look through the choices provided below and click on the link that may interest you.
Pictures of Cookees Drive-In When We Bought It 2008
Click above to see pictures of our
drive-in. It was very plain and the
previous owner didn't do much at all
in regard to decorations or maint.
Cookees Drive-In With New Interior Signs 2008
Click above to see how we worked
very hard to bring a personal and
retro drive-in them to the place.
Cookees Drive-In Sign History Old To New 2008
Click above to see what the old sign
used to look like, our temp sign and
then our professional sign!
Cookees Drive-In New Roof Replacement 2008
Click above to see the transformation
from 15 leaks to a new roof!!
Cookees Drive-In New Electrical System Replacement 2008
Click above to see why we were so
shocked about our electrical system!
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom And Plumbing Replacement 2008
Click above to see why a  soft area in
the floor led us to an entire
replacement of the bathroom, the
storage room and all plumbing!
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Job And Graphics 2008
Click above to see us take Cookees
to a totally new and exciting design!
Cookees Drive-In Parade Float Entry 2008
Click above to see our 1st place float
entry in our first ever parade!
Cookees Drive-In Halloween Celebration and Decorations 2008
Click above to see our first Halloween
as the new owners! We had our own
Haunted Drive-In!
Cookees Drive-In Christmas Decorations 2008
Our First Christmas at Cookee's
Drive-In 2008

Our second year of sponsoring our
local race team, Willard Racing!

Cruise Nights 2009! We have made
many improvements based on the
suggestions of the car owners. Check
it out!

We finally installed our new
changeable letter sign! Had to have a
custom frame built! Check it out!

Click above to see our new flag and a
picture of it mounted on our awning!

Peasanton High School sent
us a nice Thank You note for
donating to their auction. Click
above to see the card.

Click above to see our tornado scare
in May 2009. Tornado did touch
down one city North of us.

Cookees Drive-In was a part of an
article written on Old Fashioned
Burger Joints!

We had some fun with a friend when
he visited us at Cookees Drive-In!

Click above to see our 1956 Chevy!
Cookees Drive-In New Parking Lot Beautiful New Parking Lot
Click above to see our newest
upgrade! New Parking Lot Surface!

We had to replace our Changeable
Letter Sign After a Huge Storm!

General Pleasonton Days 2009!
Our second year in the parade!

Cookees Drive-In Haunted House
Bigger and Better in 2009!

Christmas decorations at both
Cookees Drive-In, and our bldg
next door!

We had 5 new pictures of our food
made into signs! Click above to
see all of our signs we have made!

General Pleasonton Days 2010!
Our third year in the parade!

Cookees Drive-In is happy to present
our 2010 Christmas decorations!

St. Patricks Day Fun at Cookees!

Cookees Drive-In Finally Gets The
Collapsed Storm Drain Fixed! No
More Flooding!!

Cookees Drive-In Brings In The Big
Equipment To Create A Better Place
For The Classic Cars To Park!